Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Legacy

As if lying our way into Iraq wasn't enough. AP (01.23.08):
"The latest deficit projections from the Congressional Budget Office forecast a sea of red ink that will only deepen under plans to jump-start the economy with tax cuts and government spending."

Govt' Red Ink Expected to Get Deeper

The CBO "says the budget deficit will greatly exceed the $163 billion in red ink registered last year. Including likely but still unapproved outlays for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the deficit for 2008 would total about $250 billion."

And that doesn't count "the likely infusion of deficit-financed economic stimulus measures such as income tax rebates, business tax breaks and help for the unemployed now under discussion on Capitol Hill and at the White House."

God, we'll be so glad when this pathetic little bastard and his ass-clown posse is finally gone.

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