Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free Enterprise

Hey all you taxpayers!! Your help in bailing out the Jolly Bankers is greatly appreciated. And no, this isn't socialism. (03/2008), via The Big Picture:
"Since the onset of the subprime crisis last summer, the White House has repeatedly rejected the notion of a government bailout, either for homeowners facing foreclosure or for the banks and mortgage companies that made the now souring loans.

'There's no bailout with government money, none whatsoever,' Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson emphasized."

Massive Bailout Planned for Banks

"But even as the administration has stuck to its laissez-faire stance in public, behind the scenes a covert bailout has been under way, with a number of public and quasi-public agencies quietly dispensing vast sums to financial institutions saddled with worthless or near worthless mortgage securities."

And while you're at it, buy your own damned health insurance, you ingrate.

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