Friday, March 07, 2008

Get A Job

Boy, that economy is really booming now. Bloomberg (03.07.08):
"The U.S. unexpectedly lost jobs in February for the second consecutive month, reinforcing concern the economy is contracting.

Payrolls fell by 63,000, the biggest drop since March 2003, after a decline of 22,000 in January that was larger than initially estimated, the Labor Department said today in Washington."

U.S. Lost 63,000 Jobs in February; Unemployment Rate at 4.8%

"The jobless rate declined to 4.8 percent, reflecting a shrinking labor force as some people gave up looking for work."

Trickle down: get everyone looking for work to give up. That way the jobless rate would be 0.0%!

The smart guys were figuring a gain of 25,000 jobs. Ooops.

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