Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Man, if it wasn't for bad news. AP (03.20.08):
"The number of newly laid off workers filing for unemployment benefits rose last week to the highest level in nearly two months, providing more evidence that the weak economy is having an adverse impact on the labor market.

The Labor Department said Thursday that applications for jobless benefits totaled 378,000 last week.

Jobless Claims Jump by 22,000

"That was an increase of 22,000 from the previous week and was a far bigger jump than had been expected."

Bloomberg (03.20.08):

"The index of U.S. leading economic indicators fell for a fifth month in February, reflecting mounting signs that a recession has begun, economists said before a report today."

Leading Economic Indicators in U.S. Probably Fell

George Herbert Hoover Bush.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard some in congress are wondering if we should bring back the WPA. Scary ain't it.

8:53 AM  

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