Sunday, September 14, 2008

Floppity Flippity

Mr. Straight Talker. Army Times (09.14.08), via Washington Monthly:
"Has Sen. John McCain renounced his longtime antagonism toward the Army’s Future Combat Systems?

On Sept. 8, the Republican presidential candidate told a rally crowd in Lee’s Summit, Mo., about an Obama video message to a liberal advocacy group."

McCain on FCS: Flip-flop or fib?

"'(Obama) promised them he would, quote, ‘slow our development of Future Combat Systems,’ McCain said, according to wire reports. 'This is not a time to slow our development of Future Combat Systems.'"

"Flashback to July, however, when his campaign furnished McCain’s economic plan to The Washington Post, declaring that 'there are lots of procurements — Airborne Laser, [C-17] Globemaster, Future Combat System [sic] — that should be ended and the entire Pentagon budget should be scrubbed.'"



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