Friday, October 03, 2008

Well Just A Doggone Minute

Oh that Sarah!! Larison (10.03.08), via Balloon Juice:
"What is amazing is that the debate last night, which supposedly vindicates Palin fans, confirmed that the best she can muster are heavily scripted, cliche-ridden, talking point-rich performances with the occasional zinger thrown in."

Palin And Her Critics

Daniel also summarizes Sarah's record up in Alaska. It ain't pretty.

"I rehash all of this not to dwell on Palin’s problems, which are increasingly irrelevant as McCain heads towards defeat, but to implore conservatives to stop ignoring reality just because they happen to like a candidate’s personality and biography. Besides being bad for the quality of conservative thought, it embraces the caricature that conservatives are indifferent to knowledge and have no use for expertise, which has become an all too legitimate critique of how conservatives have responded to the misrule of the Bush administration."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, now doggonnit there ya go again. Sarah is the best darn thing them Republicans could-da done. The choice exemplifies the firmness of the grip on current events, sentiment and the clear path ahead.
I wonder less and less about the Republican past choices concerning Iraq, relaxation of some of the banking rules and the stance on Iran, N. Korea, energy policy.
Holy shit, what color is the sky in their world?

6:40 AM  

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