Thursday, November 13, 2008


Andrew Sullivan (11.12.08), via TBogg:
"Let's be real in a way the national media seems incapable of: this person should never have been placed on a national ticket in a mature democracy."

Why Palin Still Matters

How did it happen? "It happened because John McCain is an incompetent and a cynic and reckless beyond measure."

So what's the big deal about Sarah?

"This deluded and delusional woman still doesn't understand what happened to her; still has no self-awareness; and has never been forced to accept her obvious limitations. She cannot keep even the most trivial story straight; she repeats untruths with a ferocity and calm that is reserved only to the clinically unhinged; she has the educational level of a high school drop-out; and regards ignorance as some kind of achievement. It is excruciating to watch her - but more excruciating to watch those who feel obliged to defend her."

Face it; Sarah's a fucking moron.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The IQ of a small soap dish comes to mind.

12:21 PM  

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