Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Those Socialist Bastards

Trust Medicare more? How dare they. Obama's brainwashed 'em. Yeah, that's it. National Journal (06.29.09), via DailyKos:
"So if Americans live in fear of government intrusion into health care, why does likening the public option to Medicare make reform more popular?

Consider some results obtained by the same Kaiser tracking poll. When asked how much they trust various health care players 'to put your interests above their own,' respondents rank doctors (78 percent trust 'a lot' or 'some') and nurses (74 percent) at the top of the list."

Who's Afraid Of Public Insurance?

"Among those insured through Medicare, however, 'the Medicare program' (68 percent) scores nearly as high. Among those with private insurance, 'your health insurance company' earns much less trust (48 percent)."

Jeepers. Why wouldn't they trust private insurers?



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