Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have You Seen The Little Piggies?

Step right up and help yourselves, folks., via Kevin Drum:
"The incomes of the top 400 American households soared to a new record high in dollars and as a share of all income in 2007, while the income tax rates they paid fell to a record low, newly disclosed tax data show."

Tax Rates for Top 400 Earners Fall as Income Soars, IRS Data

"In 2007 the top 400 taxpayers had an average income of $344.8 million, up 31 percent from their average $263.3 million income in 2006, according to figures in a report that the IRS posted to its Web site without announcement that were discovered February 16."

At least something's trickling down. "Since 1992, the bottom 90 percent of Americans have seen their incomes rise by 13 percent in 2009 dollars, compared with an increase of 399 percent for the top 400."

Or are we just getting pissed on?

Naw! They wouldn't do that to us!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the basement of a two story outhouse.

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