Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sarah Gives A Speech

Our favorite former half-term governor visits a charity fundraiser in Hamilton, Ontario. "Palin collected a fee somewhere between $100,000 to $200,000 (according to which press report you read) for a speech, book-signing, and VIP photo-session." And what did she talk about? Sounds like it was a bit hard to understand. Frum Forum (04.17.10), via Wolcott:
"If you tried to parse (Sarah's speech), you couldn’t. There was not a single memorable line, not a single new political idea, not a single proffered solution beyond the cliche of 'needing new solutions.' And when the moderator 'opened the floor' to questions, guess what? Even those questions had to be written down by the tables and submitted in advance, to be selectively chosen by the moderator."

Sarah Palin’s Regional Tour

Wolcott takes a shot: "Sarah Palin is a phony and anyone who falls for her act is a phool."

We couldn't agree more, though the terms charlatan and fraud come to mind as well.

We so hope she runs in 2012.



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