Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ya Win Some

Ya lose some. Tom's got a bad case of the whines. Better call the wahmbulance. AP (08.24.06):
"Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said he never thought the courts would prevent the Republican Party from replacing him on the November ballot, a Houston television station reported Thursday. 'I'm very disappointed in our justice system. There doesn't seem to be justice,' DeLay told KTRK-TV." DeLay Says Courts Erred in Ballot Ruling
"DeLay, R-Sugar Land, won the GOP primary in March but resigned from Congress in June and moved to Virginia as he faced increasing scrutiny over ethical troubles, including state money laundering charges and fallout from his association with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff." "The state Republican Party declared DeLay ineligible, setting up a plan for party insiders to choose a replacement candidate to face Democrat Nick Lampson, a former congressman, in the fall." "But Democrats sued to stop the effort and won, with federal appellate courts ruling that DeLay could only withdraw from the race. Any Republicans wishing to replace him would have to mount write-in campaigns." "'Knowing what I know now, I don't think I would have done it any differently because I read Texas law, I knew what Texas law was,' he told the television station." Unfortunately for Tom, the Federal District Court, the Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court knew Texas law too. They all called it differently. Tom's staying busy, however. He's writing a book "about his career and how the last 22 years of the country's history helped advance the conservative cause." He also said "he will not become a lobbyist and will never again run for political office." No more Tom DeLay to kick around anymore? Shoot. Though we're sure we can find someone else.


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